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New CANUSB project

New project (Open Source CANopen Project) added on our Project page.

New CANUSB project

New project (bootloader for dsPIC) added on our Project page.

New hardware revision of CANUSB

We have revised the CANUSB hardware (from serialnumber W700) to use the FT245RL instead of the FT245BL, this makes the CANUSB approved for industrial usage -40C to +85C. The driver is the same and no other changes has to be made at the user level.

New lower price for CANUSB

Due to more cost effective production, we lower CANUSB prices from €129 to €99 in single quantity. This is recomended retail price which may variate depending on where you buy it.

New pick & place machine

LAWICEL AB invests €75,000 in their own pick&place machine and a new assembly line for CAN232, CANUSB and other products from LAWICEL AB. This strengthen us to build large volume and lower price of our own products plus we can do many custom versions of these products without high startup costs.

New FTDI USB driver available

After FTDI released new CDM drivers in May 2008, we have now tested them with great success and have made updated zip package to include support to our CANUSB in them (since we have our own PID, the FTDI drivers found at FTDI’s webpage can’t be used directly. You find the new drivers and istallation instructions in the Downloads section.

New version of CANUSB DLL

After long time of testing our new DLL driver (versions 0.0.15 through 0.0.17) we have now made it official with some more changes from 0.0.17. Fom version 0.0.14 there are many new functions to support multiple CANUSB’s on same PC’s (or even many programs to use the same CANUSB!), blocked calls, callback functions, driver performance has been increased and much more. You find the new drivers and istallation instructions in the Downloads section.

New FTDI USB driver available

Long time since any news, mostly beacuse the drivers work good. However we are now using the new USB drivers from FTDI (CDM – Combined Driver Model). With this new driver you can use the D2XX and the VCP from same installation file and they can co-excist on the same PC at the same time, though not be used at the same time. You find the new drivers and istallation instructions in the Downloads section.

We plan soon to release a new CANUSB driver DLL (it’s being BETA tested by some users) which have many new functions and extended samples. We plan to release this in November.


Error in CANUSB DLL package

Customers who have downloaded the 0.0.14 driver package (dated January 19:th) please download it again, since we discovered that the driver DLL inside this package was an older preliminary version of 0.0.14. We are sorry for this. We also updated the VB6 program to include the new functions of the 0.0.14 driver. See the Downloads section.

LabView Sample Program for CANUSB

Added a LabView 8 sample program including source code. See the Downloads section. Please note we cannot give any support for this code, since it has been provided by a customer.