New version of CANUSB DLL

Updated CANUSB API DLL & ActiveX (version 0.0.12). Bugfix of driver hanging if CANUSB goes BUSOFF and frames are still trying to be sent without closing and opening the CANUSB (which is needed when the CANUSB goes BUSOFF). Optimized responce time for Status function plus added 2 new functions ReadFirst() and ReadFirstEx(). These new functions works as the normal Read(), but makes it possible to look for a certain message ID in the queue and read the first instance of that message out of the queue. This is good for e.g. having multiple instances of the ReadFirst() functions in the program and only read out an ID that is needed for that function or to read out more important messages out of the queue before reading out the normal FIFO queue. The message that is read out through the ReadFirst() function is removed from the FIFO queue. The Visual C++ sample program demonstrates this new function. See the Downloads section.

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