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New C# Project for CAN232

We have today uploaded a new C# project made in Visual Studio 2010 which can be used together with CAN232 and also CANUSB (if used with FTDI VCP USB drivers). This project is made by us and it is our first program written in C#, it comes with full source code and you are free to use it, change it and build your own programs based on the code as long as you use it with our products. You find the project in our download section. The project does not support all commands such as filtering and listen only mode, but it supports both 11bit and 29bit ID’s as well as RTR frames. We kept it simple so our users who work in C# has something to work on when making their own programs.

New CANUSB project

WGSoft has contributed with a nice CAN Monitor LiteĀ for CANUSB using D2XX and the CANUSB DLL. Source isn’t included, but it is a very heplful tool for those who only wants to use a ready program and log CAN frames. See theĀ Download section.