Archive for September 27, 2003

New CAN232 version

LAWICEL HB sets another record in speed and performance with the new CAN232 V2, built on same base technology and know-how as the original version. The new CAN232 comes with more memory, 4 times faster microcontroller, new commands and possibilities for the customer to update the firmware for free in less than 5 seconds without opening the case.

Initial tests at customers and at LAWICEL HB shows that the troughput has more than doubled compared to the original version of CAN232 V1. We have now tested it by shooting 500 frames per second with standard 11bit ID’s and 8 databytes using 115,200 baud RS232 and no single frame is lost during a whole day. Another test was done shooting 1000 frames per second with standard 11bit ID’s and 2 databytes and same result, not a single lost frame.

In the initial release of the new CAN232, we have increased the receive FIFO from 8 to 32 messages, added time stamp on the messages in milliseconds (option to be backwards compatible with original version) and optimized the CAN core functions for speed and memory usage. Further more we have added the “Auto Poll” function, which can be set with a command so incomming CAN frames are sent directly out on the RS232 without the need of polling them manually. Finally we added a bootloader in the new CAN232 which makes it possible for the customer to update the firmware inside the CAN232 to new versions/features that we develop (the original version had to be sent to us for update). This bootloader also makes it possible for either the customer to make their own software for the CAN232 or that LAWICEL can do customizations and add more functionallities without sending the hardware arround the world.

Excisting users with the original CAN232 cannot benefit of these new features, however LAWICEL HB can upgrade the hardware in their original CAN232. Contact LAWICEL HB or your local dealer for more information about this.

The new CAN232 is now available. We will update this site in the next weeks with more information, updated demo programs and manuals, so check back often during the next weeks.

Lars Wictorsson, CEO LAWICEL HB