Archive for January 30, 2006

Error in CANUSB DLL package

Customers who have downloaded the 0.0.14 driver package (dated January 19:th) please download it again, since we discovered that the driver DLL inside this package was an older preliminary version of 0.0.14. We are sorry for this. We also updated the VB6 program to include the new functions of the 0.0.14 driver. See the Downloads section.

LabView Sample Program for CANUSB

Added a LabView 8 sample program including source code. See the Downloads section. Please note we cannot give any support for this code, since it has been provided by a customer.

New version of CANUSB DLL

Updated CANUSB API DLL & ActiveX (version 0.0.14). Bugfix of driver crashing on rare conditions when sending a lot of data. We recommend users to download and use this version of the DLL. Also optimized sending routine to increase send thoughput. The Visual C++ sample program updated. See the Downloads section.